Monday, January 13, 2014

As the Year Turns

The Broerenkerk in Bolsward, NL.

No one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the wine would burst the wineskins,
and the wine and the skins would both be lost. New wine calls for new wineskins. 
(Mark 2:22)

Sometimes I just want to tear everything down, sweep everything out, and start all over again!

In Dutch, when the New Year arrives, it’s called jaarwisseling:  turning of the year.  What I want to do this year is grab it by the collar and turn it completely upside down.

I’ve come to that tipping turning point when I’m sick and tired of many things from last year(s):   ASSumptions.  Expectations.  Jealousies.  Comparing.  Analyzing.  Judging.  Criticizing.  Calculating.  Keeping score.  Taking notes.  Guessing.  Being offended.  Taking things personally.  ASSumptions.

What did So-and-So mean when she said that?  Why didn’t she say “Thank You?”  I’m not a gourmet cook like she is…and that embarrasses me because…???  She Liked and Commented on So-and-So’s post but not mine.  What does that mean?  When did she get to be the judge of good photography?  How come they chose her and not me?  She is so poetic.  Why can’t I be like her?

And on and on it goes.  Those voices in the head.  The devils on the shoulder.  Whispering.  Always whispering.

Some of us have already talked about this.  Was it the same before the internet?  Before social media?  When did it all start?  At school?  Home?  In our religious up-bringing?

Always competing.  Always comparing.  Always thinking I’m less than.  Always wanting to be someone I’m not and never understanding why.

Me Me Me Me Me Me Me.  It’s always about ME.

I WANT SOME NEW WINE!  But you can’t pour it into old wineskins, says Holy Writ.  You’ve got to “turn the year” and start with something new. 

Love your neighbor as yourself.  Nothing new about that! 

Have you ever thought about why it takes us so dang long to love ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin?  Shouldn’t we have it down pat by now?  I think it’s a conspiracy to keep us from doing what’s important…like loving the world and trying to make a difference in it, wherever we are.

And so in these early days of a new, turned year, I am dead set on standing up to those little devils who get away with murder.  I love and accept myself just the way I am.  I love and accept you just the way you are.  (Which doesn’t mean I’m okay with either one of us getting away with murder, by the way.)

And when I bow with my Namaste to you, I do not compare or judge or chide…either one of us.  No one is asking "who’s better?”  But if you are the one, then Hallelujah.

IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, Ginnie!  Which is why my intention for 2014 is:  To be concerned about my own achievements less and about the success of others more. 

Everyone wins!  Everyone scores!  Everyone is good enough!  Everyone is…better than good enough!

So, let’s all turn the year—this year—completely upside down, in whatever ways we need it, personally or collectively.  Let’s open some new bottles of wine and throw out the old wineskins. 

HELLO, 2014!  Are you ready for us?

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