Monday, January 7, 2013

The Answer is Within You

From Medicine Woman Tarot, created by Carol Bridges

But how exactly do you find it!

For several weeks at the end of the old year I was plagued by jumbled thoughts and overly-sensitive emotions about an issue.  I tried to put my finger on it.  Things weren’t quite right.  No sense of camaraderie.  The familiar was gone and nothing left felt cozy or comforting. 

I couldn’t enter the New Year with this detritus.  It would destroy me.  I needed clarity but knew it would take work to find it.  I’d have to go back to the desert to dig up dry bones and connect them.  Breathe life into them.  Find an answer.

Where did this come from?  Why was it affecting me like this?  How could I fix it?  Did I even want to!
So, I breathed in and out.  In and out.  Deeply.  Slowly.  Deliberately.

As I cradled the deck of cards in my hands, I knew the answer was within me.  I shuffled the cards, slowly.  I breathed over them.  Held them lovingly.  They’d pick up the warmth of my psychic energy and would not disappoint.  I believed in them.  They believed in me.  The answer was within me.

I chose a 3-card spread:  what’s been holding me (past), how does it sit with me today (present), and how can it take me to a higher level (future)?

I stopped shuffling and broke the deck, laying out the top 3 cards in order, left to right:

1.  PAST:  2 of Arrows/Swords
vacillation, defensiveness, repressed emotions, blindness to truth, doubt, paralysis, in the dark.

A choice needs to be made.  Unable to make decision.  Stuck.  Fear of consequences.  Disagreement or conflict with someone.  Overwhelmed. 

Interpretation:  Must be honest with self, clear the air and move on.  Take responsibility for my own desires and limitations.

2.  PRESENT:  4 of Bowls/Cups
loneliness, introspection, apathy, inertia, self-absorption, self-pity, despair.

Resentment/disappointment because expectations haven’t been fulfilled.  Let down.  Feelings of isolation.  Deeply hurt.  Dissatisfaction.  Strong desire for change.
Interpretation:  Reevaluate present circumstances.  Take responsibility for impasse.  Adopt new approach.  Restore myself.  Move past worries/fears to love myself and accept love from others.

3.  FUTURE:  17 Grandfathers/Star
spiritual vision, birth, independence, calmness, free-flowing love, trust, tranquility, peace of mind, serenity, generosity, hope.

Faith in better future.  Renewed trust in life.  Light at the end of the tunnel.  Wish-fulfillment.  Joy.  Help is on its way.  Happy outcome expected.  Spiritual prosperity.  Clarity.

Interpretation:  Release doubts and fears.  Act in accordance with my true nature for tranquility and inner peace.  Serve and give with gratitude.  Stay calm and relaxed for efforts to come to fruition.
Within 2 days of the New Year, I found my answer.  I had clarity and the weight of the world fell off my shoulders.

I grew up on daily meditations, using the Bible and/or devotional books for what we called Quiet Time.  After my divorce in 1990, ostracized by the organized church for being a gay woman, I delved into the world of my maternal grandfather, one of America’s astrology forefathers back in the ‘20s.

Shortly thereafter I discovered Tarot meditation and found hundreds of decks from which to choose.  Someone said to choose a deck that spoke to me!  When I found Medicine Woman Tarot, with deference to Mother Earth and Native American healing, I immediately chose it.  Or perhaps She chose me, to guide my new journey.

And thus began the travel into my inner, psychic self.  I really do believe the answers are within us and can be found, regardless of what tools we use. 

So many questions answers; so little time.  Let’s go find them in 2013! 

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