Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Year's Resolution: To Give Back

If you have gotten to the end of this image, THANK YOU for your perseverance!

This is how it happened, because like most of you, I don't make New Year's resolutions....

Blame it on Thanksgiving when I was feeling pitiful.  It's the hardest day of the year for me to be away from America (end of November for us) and this last one was no exception.  Mid-stream through the pity-party, I snapped out of it by making a post (another blog) about something for which to give thanks.


They were in the midst of their fundraising campaign, seeking donations for their lean-mean machine.  And because I use Wiki almost every day of my life, often more than once a day, I donated on the spot and immediately got out of my doldrums.

There.  Done.  I felt good about it.  Giving back to something I really believe in.  Inward pity turned to outward thanksgiving.

Then it started seeping in.  Here I sit on thousands of images from my trips over the years to hither, thither and yon.  Who in Sam's scratch wants another tourist image?  Well then, if they don't come to me, why don't I go to them!  Thus was born a resolution, to give back to Wiki this new year something of what they have given to me. 

The process of registering and uploading my first entry was a steep learning curve I didn't expect.  I decided to start with a YouTube of still images I had made from the glassblower's booth at the Düsseldorf Christmas market.  Putting the YouTube into an "ogg" format (the only video format Wiki accepts) in and of itself was a challenge.  Then it took a prerequisite 4 days after registration to see if it all really "took."

It did.  That's what you see in the above image:  my very first submission to the Wikimedia Commons repository of free images.  You can see the video online there or you can click on it as the original YouTube here.

Now here's the irony.  Just when I "decided" no one would ever come to me for my images so I'll go to them, I got asked by Mart Martorell, the glassblower, to do the photos for his new website in April.  He was impressed by what I had posted about him on my blog.  I told him I'd be delighted if in turn he would teach Astrid how to blow glass.  After Astrid had seen him make the Christmas ornament in Düsseldorf, she had immediately said, "I want to do that when I retire!"

Why wait for anything when you can do it now, right?  Eat dessert first because life is short.  So, less than 3 weeks from now, on our 2nd wedding anniversary weekend, we will visit Mart to get the lay of his land for my photos and for Astrid to get her first glassblowing lesson.  In fact, if all works per plan, maybe that will be my next post here....

Am I psyched or what!  A rare New Year's resolution ended up being a pity-party pooper and a win-win situation for at least 3 people I know.  And it's still January!

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