Sunday, May 15, 2011

Take a Walk and Say Thank You

From a gift shop in Stokmarknes, Norway.

Every once in awhile, something can so blindside me I am totally thrown for a loop.  My usually chipper, upbeat, positive self just...flops!

What you need to understand is that I'm so darn cheery some people can't stand me.  Trust me, I know.  In my past life, working in accounts receivable (yes, you heard me), a co-worker was so bent out of shape by my cheeriness that she asked our boss if she could move to a cubicle far away from me.  She couldn't stand listening to me on the phone with customers.  Wisely, Boss did not consent, hoping, I'm sure, we'd balance each other out, both up and down.

That same cheeriness, however, got me chosen as the Employee of the Quarter--the "sparkplug of her department," the company owner said--and sent me on a lovely week to Paradise Island with a guest, joining our salesreps.  You win some and you lose some, as they say.  Speaking of which, said co-worker, 5 years my senior, is since deceased.

The point is, I really AM a cheerful person, for good or bad.  So when something throws me for a loop, even I have to sit up and take notice.  What/who can have that kind of power to throw me off my rocker!

Usually, truth be known, it's someone from my extended family.  We're a tribe, actually.  Lots of us.  And would you believe, I hold the accounts-receivable position (yes, you heard me) for our cottage association.  Can't say I mind it a bit, even if it's a thankless position, but it does have its moments, as happened a couple weeks ago.  I thought I was doing my job, cheerily reminding someone of their monthly pledge, but...yup, that's when I got thrown for a loop.  Maybe I just got lost in translation?

So.  Suddenly in the slough of despond, I had to lick my wounds and figure out how to proceed, short of immediately quitting on the spot.  Daughter said, "MOM!  Don't make sweeping generalizations!"  Which didn't help a bit.

When I went outside to take my daily walk that day, don't ask me why but I immediately started a mantra:  "I have everything I need; I want nothing.  Thank you." I kept repeating it:  "I have everything I need; I want nothing.  Thank you."

After 40 minutes, when I walked back into the house, I was back to my normal, cheery self.   I was shocked.  I decided it was the endorphins.  What else?

Then I wondered what others do to get out of their slumps?  What do YOU do? If I ever need to advise myself some future day, hopefully I'll remember to tell myself, "Go take a walk and say Thank you.  You have everything you need and you want nothing!"

My guess is a piece of dark chocolate might also help?! 

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