Sunday, April 3, 2011

On What Rocks Your Boat

Tot Ziens = See You Later
Outside our old city hall, now a museum, in Gorinchem, NL.

As we speak, Astrid and I are boarding a mail-boat in Kirkenes, Norway, for a
6-day Hurtigruten cruise down the coastline, in and out of the fjords, to Bergen.  North to south.  Monday to Saturday.  500 passengers.  No entertainment/activities.  Just good food and fantastic sights.

We have just spent a fabulous long weekend in Oslo, since last Thursday night, with long-time blogger friends, Renny and Tor, along with their wives.  [Meeting
virtual friends in real life, remember?]  We've had a blast.  Astrid and I had both been to Oslo before in our separate past lives, but we've seen it again with new eyes, together.

You can just imagine how excited we are.  It's our first real vacation since we flew to Atlanta last October (I'm retired but Astrid isn't!).  We're so ready.  But we're not counting on internet access.  That's why I'll be commenting on your posts later, once we get back home a week from now.  I promise.  I miss you already.

In the meantime, I wonder what rocks YOUR boat? Where will you go on your next vacation?  Do you already have it planned?  We've been planning ours since January, after scrapping initial plans to fly to Michigan in July.  Is planning half the fun for you or a big headache?  Is your vacation more than just the destination, in other words?  Are you already excited?  Or do you need something to kick-start you!

Astrid always jokingly says she hopes we don't die before our big trips start/end so that we don't waste the money.  HA!  Afterwards we can die and go to heaven.  I'm sure that's exactly how we'll feel.  That good.

Go ahead.  Rock our boat.  And then yours, too! 

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